Group Benefits and Insurance for Business

Are you interested in acquiring group insurance benefits for yourself and your employees? I work with a fantastic group benefits team that provides top of the line coverage and excellent rates. Get a custom-tailored solution for your company no matter the size.

We work with a variety of clientele, from small businesses to larger corporations to get competitive packages for their employees. This can include a combination of health and dental, travel, pension plans and more. We have specialists that carry out comparative analyses for our clients for the best group benefit rates. Get a quote by contacting me below.

Employee Assistance Program

The AssistNow Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a wealth of expert assistance to employees and their families, as well as to managers and company leaders – all in one affordable program provided by Aspira Corp.

Critical Illness Insurance

A serious illness can be frightening enough without having to worry about money.  Disability benefits help but often not enough.

Group CI can fill the gap and relieve some of the stress allowing Employees to focus on recovery.

Disability Benefits

When an employee is unable to work due to illness or injury, paying bills can be a challenge.

Long term disability benefit plans can provide employees with financial protection while they are off work and help them return to work quickly and safely.

Health Care Spending Account
Cover a wide variety of products than most standard benefit plans or cover any family member who is financially dependent on the plan member.

Please read our brochure to learn more.

Pooled Employee Benefits Plans for Small Business

If your business has between 3 and 100 people, this may be the perfect plan for you. This is a pooled plan which means that rates are great. This offer was specifically designed with the products, services, and administration tools to match the needs of today’s businesses.

There are no industry restrictions.  The Plan’s innovative offerings and proven rate stability allow you to provide a comprehensive benefit plan to fit any budget.

Need a personalized solution?

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